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29.03.2021 bis 09.04.2021

Animal Ethics and the 3Rs principles in Biomedical Research

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Animal experimentation is still playing a major role within the field of biomedical and translational research. However, due to limited transferability on the one side as well as strong technological progress and ethical concerns on the other, alternative models get more in focus to address central scientific questions. This 2-days online course introduces the 3Rs principles of “Replacement, Reduction and Refinement” and in interactive seminars we discuss ethical aspects how animal welfare in biomedical research can be improved. This course is aimed at PhD/doctoral students only and the course language is English.

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The next course takes part in 2 online meetings on March 29th and April 9th, 10 am – 4 pm each.

Participation in all sessions is mandatory and will be awarded with 0.8 ECTS-CP for PhD/doctoral students.

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