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Charité 3R Lecture: RELSA - relative severity assessment in laboratory animals

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June 6th 2023, 2 pm @ CCM

Charité 3R invites Dr. Steven R. Talbot to present a set of functions for assessing relative severity in laboratory animals:

RELSA - relative severity assessment in laboratory animals

The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Sebastian Brachs and we are looking forward to your active participation.

This Lecture will be offered in hybrid format. Those participating in presence at Charité Campus Mitte are invited to meet our speaker after the talk, having the opportunity to discuss about own data and the potential use of RELSA for future experiments.


When?   Tuesday, June 6th 2023

  • 2:00 pm   Lecture: RELSA - assessing relative severity in laboratory animals
  • 3:00 pm   Get together
  • 3:30 pm   Meet the Speaker

Where?  CCM, Hörsaal Innere Medizin, Sauerburchweg 2 (or online via MS Teams)

Detailed Abstract by Dr. Steven Talbot:

The RELSA package comprises a collection of functions designed to assess the relative severity experienced by laboratory animals in animal-based research. As animals are unable to communicate their level of well-being, scientists require reliable tools to monitor their welfare as closely as possible. While a variety of behavioral tests and other methods can serve this purpose, they tend to be highly specific and difficult to transfer between different contexts. Thus, a comprehensive and user-friendly toolbox for assessing and comparing different variables and animal models is currently lacking. RELSA addresses this issue by allowing researchers to combine any set of experimental outcome variables into a single composite score, providing a valuable new approach to severity classification in animal-based research.

Speaker: Dr. rer. nat. Steven R. Talbot 
Data Scientist
Institute for Laboratory Animal Sciences 
Hannover Medical School (MHH), Germany

Moderation: Dr. Sebastian Brachs
Max Rubner Center for Cardiovascular Metabolic Renal Research
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany





CCM, Sauerbruchweg 2


Charité 3R, c3r-education(at)

Lisa Grohmann, coordinator Education & Support

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