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3Rs Science Prize

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The EPAA aims to promote the development, validation and acceptance of 3Rs alternative approaches (replacement, reduction and refinement of testing on animals). Scientists working on relevant methods for regulatory testing (e.g. safety, efficacy, batch testing) providing an outstanding contribution to the use of the 3Rs may apply for the prize.

A selection board (composed of EPAA members and representatives of the EPAA mirror group evaluates the submissions and provides the EPAA steering committee with the results of the evaluation and a recommendation on the ranking of the submissions. Based on this recommendation, the steering committee then endorses the winner and grants a €10,000 prize.

Who should apply?

Scientists working on alternative methods for regulatory testing purposes. Applicants should be based in Europe and have up to 10 years of postgraduate experience (i.e. after obtaining their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree). Applicants should submit a written case study based on actual research (not older than 5 years and not a project on future research) where their role and involvement are shown. The application should make clear

  • how the above criteria are met (e.g. how the method or approach relates to regulatory testing)
  • for which regulatory requirements the applicant's approach can be used
  • what the applicant's postgraduate experience, role and involvement in the research are

The EPAA Secretariat will screen applications for eligibility criteria and inform the selection board of their findings. Applications that do not comply with the eligibility criteria are not eligible. 

See more information in the link below.


Link to the 3Rs Science Prize 2022


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