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Research with animals: Animal experiments at the Charité

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Involved institutions and information sources

Many questions in biomedical research can only be answered through research with animals. Animal experiments are therefore an essential part of research at the Charité. 

At the Charité, many different experts work together to treat animals responsibly and to derive the greatest possible scientific benefit from unavoidable animal experiments. The following websites show the diverse activities of the Charité and provide detailed information on animal experiments and alternative methods.

Do you have further questions? We will be happy to answer them! Get in touch with us under this contact.

Animal experiments are controversially discussed - all the more important it is to communicate about them in a fact-based, open and honest manner. The Charité is therefore part of the Initiative Transparente Tierversuche, an initiative of "Tierversuche verstehen" and the Permanent Senate Commission on Animal Experimental Research of the German Research Foundation (DFG) with the participation of the Alliance of Science Organizations. The aim is to strengthen the transparent and open discussion on research involving animals.

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin has been awarded the 2023 Seal of Quality for Transparent Communication in Animal Experimentation for its "combination of proactive public relations and detailed and transparent information on its website".