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Laborkorridor, links hängen weiße Lobarkittel vor der Tür; Copyright Charité 3R; Foto: Wardenburg

Research funding

To energetically drive forward alternative methods to replace animal testing and to simultaneously boost animal welfare in animal-related research – these are central goals of Charité 3R.

In order to achieve these goals, Charité 3R systematically funds projects by Charité scientists that have a future potential to either replace or reduce the use of animals in research or to refine the animal testing that is necessary.

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What areas of research do we fund?

Charité 3R funds a wide range of scientific projects through various funding avenues. This ensures that the manifold aspects of 3R research can be sustainably addressed. All funding applications submitted will be examined by a competitive and independent assessment process – this ensures the high scientific quality of the research projects.