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Lichthof des CCO der Charité; Copyright Charité 3R; Foto: von Wardenburg


Charité scientists work on many different projects using a wide range of technologies to further strenghten 3R research. It is Charité 3R’s goal to energetically boost and develop this area of science by focussed sponsoring measures. Please read on to find out more about


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Charité 3R research funding

Charité 3R sponsors a wide array of scientific projects through various funding schemes. This enables us to specifically address the various aspects within 3R research. All submitted project proposals are being selected in a competitive and independent assessment process – safeguarding the high scientific value of research projects.

3R research at the Charité

Aside from the research projects funded by Charité 3R, there are further projects at the Charité developing methods to replace or reduce animal testing or whose goal it is to minimize stress on test animals.  If you’re interested in taking a closer look and exploring the diversity of 3R research at the Charité, please read on about selected projects.