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Towards a New 3Rs Era in Experimental Research

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Call for Papers for Frontiers research topic on 3Rs progress

This Frontiers research topic is a pan-European initiative supported by all EU 3R centers that aims to provide an inter- and multi-disciplinary review of cutting-edge research in 3Rs in order to better promote and disseminate the value of the 3R Principle and its importance in producing reliable research beyond the 3Rs. Abstracts may be submitted until May 29th.

To broadly portray the current advances and challenges, as well as the future opportunities, requires the coordinated effort of multiple scientific disciplines including biomedical, veterinary, biostatistical, biotechnology, computer sciences, as well as perspectives from educational, social, political and ethical research in the 3Rs field.

The aim of the topic is to address key questions on the 3Rs advancement and implementation, including (but not restricted to):

  • Review of the state of the art: future challenges and opportunities
  • Translational validation of replacement approaches for human disease models (e.g. using 3D, organoid systems, invertebrates)
  • Reduction in cancer and neuroscience
  • Refinement of animal welfare (laboratory animal science)
  • Computational modeling (machine learning and artificial intelligence)
  • Societal views on animal experimentation
  • Efficacy of alternative measures in education
  • Ethics in animal research: regulation and legislation

Abstracts may be submitted until May 29th, 2022. The deadline for manuscript submission is November 29th, 2022. Information on the full scope, and the submission links can be found in the following page: Towards a New 3Rs Era in Experimental Research


Towards a New 3Rs Era in Experimental Research


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