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Tierschutzpreise des Landes Berlin 2023

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The Berlin Animal Welfare Awards are presented in four categories to honor individuals, animal welfare organizations, or initiatives that have made outstanding contributions to animal welfare in Berlin. The award can be given for a lifetime achievement, an outstanding individual accomplishment, or the dedicated efforts of an organization to protect animals in Berlin.

The Berlin Animal Welfare Awards are awarded by the Berlin State Animal Welfare Officer in the following four categories and amounts:

  • Berlin Animal Welfare Award (€5,000)
  • Youth Prize for Berlin Animal Welfare (€5,000)
  • Honorary Prize for Berlin Animal Welfare (€4,000)
  • Berlin Prize for Animal-Free Education (€5,000)

In the year 2023 there was a new category called "animal-free, humane education". Berlin students are invited to nominate lecturers who offer courses in medicine, veterinary medicine, and life sciences without using animals and who help educate the next generation of empathetic (veterinary) doctors and scientists through their animal-sparing teaching methods. A competent jury decides on the awarding of the prizes. Legal recourse is excluded. If no suitable contributions are received, the award may be suspended. The financial award is subject to the availability of budgetary resources and may be revoked or reduced in case of insufficient funds. There is no entitlement to the prize.

For more information on the participation requirements and required forms, please follow this link.



You can find more information here.


Dr. Kathrin Herrmann
Landestierschutzbeauftragte (State Animal Welfare Officer)

Tel: +49 30 902547609
E-Mail: Tierschutzbeauftragte(at)

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