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Cover picture "Tissue of Care" for the exhibition "Animal-human relationships and health: an artistic exploration" by the artist Sybille Neumeyer in cooperation with Charité 3R




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Animal-human relationships and health: an artistic exploration

t-issues of care. Foto: Sybille Neumeyer
t-issues of care. Foto: Sybille Neumeyer

People and animals have had a complex and changing relationship for thousands of years. Influenced by the respective culture, animals fulfill functions as family members, food or also as laboratory animals in research. Building on her dialogues with Charité 3R, artist Sybille Neumeyer develops a reflective perspective on developments in biomedicine and the role of animals in our health. Using artistic elements, she searches for alternatives to existing concepts of health as well as an understanding of more-than-human health, following the three "R "s in the cultural fabric: Relationality, Reciprocity, Responsibility - translated into a changing, mutating-dialogical, cross-media installation.

Organoids, micro-organs grown from human cell tissue, are cultivated, sometimes even produced in special 3D printing, to perform studies on infections and drugs. For histopathological examination, the microscopic analysis of manifestation of diseases in tissues, algorithms are being trained in modern biomedicine to improve diagnosis and comparison of lung infections in humans and animals. This is to refine (refine), reduce (reduce), or replace (replace) animal experiments - known as "3Rs." 

In considering the cell as the smallest unit in these studies, medicine and biology open up the potential to shape our awareness of, in the artist's words, a "cellular kinship," and based on that, an understanding of a cross-species, plantar community. Further, the artist asks: can alternatives in medicine also mobilize an alternative definition of health? What new imaginaries can artificial organ models open outside the body, what new ethical questions need to be negotiated?

As cyborgs, biotechnological chimeras, and cinematic apparitions, diverse cells invite us to reflect on the cultural three "R "s-Reciprocity, Relationality, and Responsibility-as well as the universal right to breathe and alternative notions of health. Inspired by science, science fiction, and through a non-linear composition of narratives, artist Sybille Neumeyer traces notions of bodies as closed systems and how these in turn define our relationships with other living beings.

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17.06.2023 // 5pm - 12pm
Opening/ Long Night of the Sciences
During the Long Night, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in a guided tour and be guided through the exhibition by the artist, or to explore the exhibition on their own at any time. The three approximately 30-minute guided tours will take place during the Long Night of the Sciences on 17 June at the following times: 6.15 pm, 8.15 pm, 10.15 pm.

05.07.2023 // 4pm - 6pm
t-issues reading group 
Together with the artist and Dr. Andreas Hocke we read texts from science fiction and science and discuss the potentials of cellular transformations and what it means for us to maintain our health through the bodies of others and other living beings. How does awareness of this influence the wellbeing of a society? We discuss social justice and ethics in medicine with the artist. (From 16 years, in English, participation free of charge. Max. Participants: 10 persons)

Registration until 03.07.2023, 18:00, via registration in the list or via

08.07.2023 // 4pm - 7pm


Duration: 17 June 2023 to 8 July 2023, Tuesdays to Saturdays

Charité exhibition module at Campus Charité Mitte
Invalidenstraße 86 in 10117 Berlin
Opening hours
Long Night of the Sciences: Saturday, 17 June 2023 from 5pm to 12pm.
Tuesday to Friday from 3pm to 6pm
Saturday from 4pm to 7pm




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Charite program for the long night of science

Complete program for the Long Night of the Sciences

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CCM, Invalidenstraße 86


Charité 3R

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