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Charité 3R-Motiv auf Glas, der Hintergrund verschwommen; Copyright bei Charité 3R; Foto: von Wardenburg



New professorship at Charité strengthens 3Rs research

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Philipp Boehm-Sturm appointed Professor of Experimental Imaging

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin has established a new professorship for Experimental Imaging to further advance animal welfare and the 3Rs in research and teaching. Imaging techniques are key technologies for the implementation of the 3Rs principles Replace - Reduce - Refine in animal-based research, as their use allows non-invasive imaging of structures and disease processes of the body.

In this way, the number of animal experiments can be reduced, since the course of the disease in the same animal can be shown at different points in time and by combining different imaging methods in progress studies - with improved information gain at the same time. In addition, the low burden of these examination methods resulting only from anesthesia represents an improvement in terms of refinement.

Philipp Boehm-Sturm, who took up the professorship on July 1, 2023, is a physicist and has headed the experimental 7-tesla magnetic resonance imaging laboratories at the Charité Mitte campus since 2015. His goal is to expand the one-stop shop for all imaging methods available at Charité and further develop their benefits for animal welfare as part of the EPIC-3R technology platform.

Professor Boehm-Sturm emphasizes: "Non-invasive imaging techniques are a very effective way to obtain very high quality data with minimal stress for the laboratory animal. Furthermore, imaging data play an important role in the development of alternative models and as input to computer simulations of the body." In this way, experimental imaging also contributes to the replacement of animal testing with alternative methods.


Prof. Philipp Boehm-Sturm 



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