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National and international research funding for the 3Rs

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New website offers overview of open calls for proposals

Finding alternative methods to animal research is the goal of many researchers in biomedicine. However, implementing the 3Rs principle "Replace - Reduce - Refine" often requires additional resources. Support in finding such resources is provided by the newly launched website "3R Funding Programs".

The website includes funding opportunities for research in Germany as well as international funding programs and is structured as follows:  

  1. Open calls with deadline: these are current calls for which applications can be submitted until a specific date.
  2. Open calls without deadline: Here, applications can be submitted at any time.
  3. So far regular calls: These programs are not currently open, but have been offered on a regular basis to date.  

There are currently 10 open calls with deadline, one call without deadline, and 13 previously regular calls listed. The information on the website is regularly updated by Charité 3R. For notices of open calls for proposals please subscribe to the Charité 3R newsletter.

For researchers at Charité, Charité 3R offers support with the application process - please feel free to contact us! 


3R funding programs


Dr. Laura Behm

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