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#Get on Board: Let's talk about animal research

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Charité participates in #BeOpenaboutAnimalScienceDay

For the second time, the European Assosiation of Animal Science (EARA) invites European research institutions to participate in today's "Be open about Animal Research Day". The Charité together with other Partners of the German "Initiative Transparente Tierversuche" take part with various actions in social media or live events in order to explain research with animals.

At Charité, about 50.000 animals are used in experiments each year. The exact figures with information on the different species of animals used, explanations of stress levels and research fields are published on our webseite

In addition, the Charité reports in numerous research stories why animal experiments are needed and in which areas alternative methods can already replace animal experiments. Furthermore, frequently asked questions about animal experiments are answered in the FAQs.

With an annual budget of almost 2 million euros, the Charité is particularly committed to the development of alternative methods, the reduction of the required number of animals and the improvement of experiments in terms of animal welfare. The promotion of these 3Rs ("Replace - Reduce - Refine") is coordinated by Charité 3R in the form of project funding and education measures


European Assosiation of Animal Science

Initiative Transparente Tierversuche


Dr. Julia Biederlack

Coordination Communication and Public RelationsCharité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Postal address: Charitéplatz 1 10117  Berlin

Campus / internal address:Luisenstraße 13a | 10117 Berlin

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