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Funding for preclinical confirmatory studies and systematic reviews

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The aim of this funding measure is to support the methods and phases of preclinical research in Germany that contribute to increasing the meaningfulness, robustness and reliability of scientific preclinical research results and thus improve their translation towards application.

Science-initiated, preclinical, confirmatory studies are to be funded (module 1), which are implemented as cross-laboratory joint projects. They should be suitable for deciding whether the results can be transferred to further preclinical development and then to early clinical studies in a next step. In addition, systematic reviews on preclinical research topics can be funded (module 2). In both modules, the questions and research results obtained should have a high relevance for medical care in Germany.

State and state-recognized universities and non-university research institutions are eligible to apply.

Institutions and companies that are commercially active are not eligible to apply. If one and the same institution carries out both economic and non-economic activities, it is eligible to apply if the non-economic and economic activities and their costs, financing and revenues can be clearly separated from one another so that there is no risk of cross-subsidization of the economic activity.

Confirmatory studies (module 1) can usually be funded for a period of two to three years, systematic reviews (module 2) can usually be funded for a period of up to two years.

The application process has two stages.

In the first stage of the process, project outlines are to be submitted to the project sponsor in electronic form. The project outlines should contain all the necessary information to allow the group of reviewers to make a final professional statement. In the second stage of the process, the authors of the positively evaluated project outlines are asked to submit a formal funding application (project description and formal application).

Further information can be found on the BMBF website.


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Frau Dr. Cosima Pfenninger
Frau Dr. Patricia Ruiz Noppinger
Telefon: 0228/3821-1700 
E-Mail: praeklinische-studien(at)

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