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Funding by the Volkswagen Foundation: From CAMARADES to COReS

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Further development of a Charité 3R project receives funding from the Volkswagen Foundation

With a new funding line, the Volkswagen Foundation is supporting projects that aim to sustainably improve the science system. The first approved project comes from the BIH QUEST Centre and aims to pool findings from laboratory experiments in such a way that animal experiments can be reduced and promising treatment approaches for medicine can be better identified.

Many biomedical treatments that show promise in animal experiments do not work the same way when tested on human subjects in clinical research. A systematic recording of experiments and their evaluation, as is common in clinical research, has been lacking for these preclinical studies until now. Neurobiologist Dr. Sarah McCann, a member at the QUEST Centre of the Berlin Institute of Health at the Charité, wants to change this. QUEST stands for Quality, Ethics, Open Science and Translation in Medical Research.  

In the project "COReS: Communities for Open Research Synthesis - accelerating translation of biomedical evidence", funded by the foundation, McCann wants to build an open network of scientists who systematically review existing results in the preclinical field and make their assessment publicly available via a digital platform. Other researchers could use this classification to better understand the quality of existing findings and experiments and draw conclusions for their own research, e.g. whether and which animal experiments are still necessary. 

COReS is a further development of the CAMARADES initiative funded by Charité 3R. This trains researchers to conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses of animal studies in order to combine higher quality animal research with greater benefits for patients. COReS extends these aspects to include a systematic review infrastructure and open exchange between researchers worldwide.

The Foundation will support McCann's project with up to 668,000 euros over the next three years.



QUEST Center for Responsible Research

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