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The set foundation supports a wide range of scientific projects that make a targeted and verifiable contribution to reducing, avoiding or improving animal experiments. The foundation promotes research into the development of alternative methods, but also provides financial support for publications, congresses and events.

The set foundation primarily supports small and medium-sized research projects that do not belong to the scientific research approaches that are supported by other institutions with "courage to leave gaps". In this way, a useful addition to public research funding and the work of industry and animal welfare organizations should be created. Suitable research projects are either fully or partially financed by the set foundation or passed on to suitable funding institutions.

In order to be able to make an objective selection of all incoming research applications, your project should be described and justified in a comprehensible manner and meet the following criteria:

  • 3R relevance: A project proposal must focus on the development of animal-free methods, the reduction in the number or less stress on laboratory animals
  • Qualifications: The applicant must have the necessary qualifications and experience in the field of the research project
  • Resources: The required capacities, in particular necessary applications to the set foundation, are evaluated in a two-stage process

Applications to the set foundation are evaluated in a two-stage process. The project should first be explained using a project outline. If the sketch meets with the interest of the scientific advisory board of the foundation, you will be invited to submit a detailed application.


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Stiftung set
Mainzer Landstraße 55
D-60329 Frankfurt

Telefon: 069-2556-1226

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