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Felix Wankel Animal Welfare Research Award

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The prize is awarded for outstanding, experimental and innovative scientific work, the aim or result of which is to replace or limit animal experiments or to promote animal welfare in general. The prize is endowed with a maximum of €30,000. The call for entries for the 2023 prize was limited to October 30, 2022, and the prize is generally awarded every two years. The information on this page is constantly updated.

Link to the Foundation's website

It is possible to split the prize among several prizewinners. The use of the prize money is not subject to any conditions.

Scientists and members of, for example, scientific institutions, professional societies and authorities as well as scientific editors are entitled to make proposals. People and groups who are active in research in Germany or abroad can be nominated.

The work should be of recent origin and contain own research results. They must be in print. Works that have already received an animal welfare award elsewhere are generally not considered. Self-application is excluded.

Current information on the research award in 2023 will be announced on this page in good time.


Link to the Foundation's website


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