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Date of deadline: 31.05.2023

EXPECTED: Bf3R research funding in the area of 3R

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The funding is aimed in particular at young scientists who would like to implement their ideas as part of a proof-of-concept study in order to collect experimental data for a successful application to larger funding programs (e.g. DFG, BMBF).

The Bf3R research funding is advertised every two years, with which the BfR supports research projects that address the 3R principle. Projects are funded that serve to replace or reduce the number of laboratory animals in the areas of medical research or basic biological research or that aim to identify, classify and reduce pain, suffering or damage in laboratory animals and improve housing conditions. The total budget of around 350,000 euros per year enables up to ten projects to be funded with a funding volume of around 35,000 euros per year and a total duration of up to three years.

What is funded?

Refinement measures to identify, classify and reduce pain, suffering or damage in laboratory animals and to improve housing conditions have a high priority in Bf3R funding.

The replacement and reduction of animal experiments in areas of basic biomedical research in which a particularly large number of animals are used (e.g. cancer research) or in which the individual animal is heavily burdened (e.g. sepsis or wound healing experiments).

The development and application of innovative methods and technologies in cell and tissue culture, molecular biology, genetics and microscopy as well as bioimaging and in silico methods are expressly desired.

Who is eligible to apply?

State and non-state universities based in Germany, non-university research institutions and commercial companies with research and development capacity are eligible to apply. Scientists from all disciplines who have completed their scientific training (usually a doctorate) can apply, as can doctoral candidates, provided they can prove that they have the laboratory equipment required to carry out the project and that the project has been successfully completed.


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