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ANYTIME: Promotion of alternative methods through Animalfree Research

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Research funding from the Animalfree Research Foundation supports projects that are suitable for replacing (Replacement) or reducing (Reduction) animal experiments.
Applications can be submitted at any time and takes place in German.

The following topics are given preference:

  • Promotion of alternative methods for the complete or partial replacement of animal experiments in the sense of the 3Rs: development, validation, optimization, publication, recognition, application.
  • Dialogue with science and the public as well as commitment to changing the legal framework for the protection of laboratory animals

No animal experiments are financed from the funds of the foundation.

The following are specifically excluded from funding:

  • Projects with little or no expected impact on the replacement and/or reduction of animal testing.
  • Scientific projects with no prospect of being used as an alternative method.
  • Projects that disregard the animal in its dignity.

Further information and the application for funding can be found at the link below.


Link to the funding page


Animalfree Research
Postgasse 15
Postfach 817
3000 Bern 8

Phone 044 422 70 70


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