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Date of deadline: 31.05.2023

Animal Welfare Research Prize of the BMEL

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Methods or procedures are sought that can replace animal experiments or reduce their number. The award is endowed with up to €25,000. Young scientists in particular are encouraged to apply.

Link to the award call

The prize is awarded for innovative, forward-looking scientific work that contributes to the development of methods and procedures that can be used to replace or limit animal experiments (replacement and reduction). According to the 3R principle, methods for improving the housing conditions of laboratory animals or for reducing pain, suffering or damage in the experiment (refinement) can also be awarded.

The work should also address the biological significance of the results for humans. Applicants are asked to submit only works that have been accepted for publication or published scientific works or scientific publications that were published no more than two years ago to the 

Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft
− Referat 321 –
Rochusstraße 1
53123 Bonn

by May 31, 2023 in eight copies (including the annexes).

The prize is awarded at the suggestion of an independent prize committee. We reserve the right to split the prize among several prizewinners. There is no entitlement to an award. Documents that have already been awarded an animal welfare prize or submitted for this purpose must be identified.

The application has to be submitted only in German language.

For more information, see the link below.


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