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Animal Research Tomorrow | 3R Awards

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ART 3R Awards aim to support innovative ideas by young scientists for the development and testing of Replacement, Reduction and/or Refinement approaches in animal research. The grant proposals are evaluated by an independent jury and grants of up to 5.000 €.

The following conditions apply:

  • The submitted projects should focus on the development and/or testing of novel Replacement, Reduction, or Refinement approaches for animal use in scientific research and/or education. Special consideration will be given to projects that further more than one of the 3Rs (e.g. Refinement and Reduction) 
  • Applicants active in research or animal welfare as master or PhD student, postdoctoral fellow or young group leader with an original and innovative project are highly encouraged to apply – Principal investigators can apply maximally up to 5 years after starting their first independant position. We look forward to applications from all nationalities and geographical regions. If you have applied before but did not get funded, we encourage you to apply again. 
  • Applicants have to be employed by a research, teaching or an equivalent institution. 
  • The ART Award of € 5000 has to be used to cover expenses directly linked to the proposed research project. The ART Award money can NOT be used to cover institutional overheads, salaries or stipends. Please note that Animal Research Tomorrow (ART) cannot enter any grant agreements/contracts with the host Institution as this is an ART Award not equivalent to any grant by funding agencies. 
  • Animal Research Tomorrow requires full compliance with the 3Rs, and use of the highest animal welfare standards. All research involving animals must be approved by an ethics committee or equivalent local regulatory body. Proof of the request for a license or a copy of a valid license for the proposed project must be uploaded as part of the supplementary PDF file. 
  • ...and many more... 

For further information about conditions and registration visit the official page of the ART 3R Awards.


Dr. Iana Buch
Managing Director
+41 78 933 04 76


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