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3Rs Info Hub – The best 3Rs methods on a learning platform

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3Rs Info Hub Logo, Copyright by 3Rs Info Hub

The 3Rs Info Hub bundles the most relevant and latest approaches of the 3Rs on one learning platform. Instead of getting lost in thousands of search engine results, information is quickly available. Courses and interactive quizzes reinforce and apply what you've learned.

Over the past decade, a variety of approaches have been developed to avoid, reduce, and refine animal testing (3Rs). Despite these advances, their regular use in biomedical sciences has yet to be achieved. Too often young scientists still believe in animal testing as the gold standard to study the safety and efficacy of compounds. 3Rs Info Hub helps dispel this outdated notion..

Vivid multimedia content such as animations, lectures, online seminars, and podcasts on 3R topics were selected and categorized by organ system, required prior knowledge, and subtopic (e.g., in vitro, in silico). Unique headings for each content and a clear visual concept quickly guide users to the desired content. Courses provide the framework for using the 3Rs Info Hub. While the multimedia content serves the acquisition of knowledge in self-study, the classroom training consolidates, applies and discusses what has been learned.

The offer is complemented by the podcast series "StudentCast on 3Rs". Here, undergraduate students discuss the achievements and challenges of 3Rs research with international 3Rs experts. Listeners learn a lot of useful information about the history behind the alternatives and thus better understand the 3Rs concepts.


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