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11.08.2020 To 19.08.2020

ReThink 3R online Workshop

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Event for expert public only

Creating Awareness and Innovation for the 3R with Design Thinking

Charité 3R and the ReThink3R-Team invite you to an interactive workshop focusing on the 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine). Think about new approaches to the 3Rs or figure out why sometimes it is so difficult to implement the 3Rs in daily research. By using Design Thinking methods, you get an unbiased and playful approach to the 3Rs and find creative space to exchange experiences and work on ways to further implement these principles.

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Organizational and administrative matters


Laura Behm and Annemarie Lang

Event organizer

ReThink 3R and Charité 3R


August 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th, 9 am -1 pm each


online (Zoom-Meeting)


ReThink 3R

Charité 3R Education


ReThink 3R

Charité 3R

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