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09.12.2021 To 09.12.2021

MPS World Summit: Systems Engineering of Microphysiological Systems

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Event for expert public only

Logo part graphic, Copyright MPS World Summit

The international conference will facilitate communication among stakeholders and networking among young scientists and thought leaders in MPS, promote international standardization and harmonization of MPS, and serve as a global training environment.

The World Summit on Microphysiological Systems (MPS) will bring together a global health and research community as well as industries and policy makers to create a roadmap for MPS technologies in a series of global conferences. This will be a first step toward establishing an international MPS society. 

Draft Program

Organizational and administrative matters


Thomas Hartung et al.

Event organizer

CAAT, Johns Hopkins University, United States


9 am – 1 pm EST


Virtual event (Zoom)


Call for Abstract Submissions: more details
Abstract Submission Deadline: October 21th, 2021



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