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30.05.2022 To 03.06.2022

MPS World Summit 2022

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Event for expert public only

Hybrid Conference in New Orleans, USA

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1. Microphysiological Systems World Summit – taking place 30.05-03.06.2022. Application deadline is 20.05.22.

1. Microphysiological Systems World Summit

Charité3R and Si-M are co-organizing the "Microphysiological Systems World Summit" - a series of three international conferences – taking place 30.05-03.06.2022 at

 Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans, USA and online.

The first meeting is chaired by Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartung (CAAT, JHU), Suzanne Fitzpatrick (FDA) and Don Ingber (Wyss Institute).

The meeting is dedicated to Microphysiological Systems (MPS): cell culture systems replicating (patho-) physiology through engineered organ architecture and functionality. This includes especially 3D-(co-)cultures such as organoids, organ-on-chip models, and multi-organ models, as well as the technologies to engineer and analyze these systems.

Overview of themes

  • New approaches in bioengineering of MPS devices
  • New cellular models (from bio-printing to organoids, etc.)
  • Individual organ MPS
  • Immune function and vascularization in MPS Quality assurance of MPS Reproducibility and Robustness Standardization and harmonization
  • Validation Road toward regulatory acceptance MPS for disease modeling and drug efficacy testing
  • MPS for toxicity testing, predictive toxicology
  • MPS for AOP Case studies using MPS Pharmacokinetics and -dynamics in MPS Computational modeling
  • A.I. in dialog with MPS Precision medicine and clinical trials on chip planning Ethical aspects of using MPS Data collection, storage, management, dissemination

The MPS World Summit brings together a global audience, including institutions (government, health foundations, charities), the academic research community (universities, research institutes), environmental and human toxicity researchers, the industries (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, and others), medical centers and practitioners, patient associations, and policymakers and testing centers—in a series of global conferences to create a roadmap for MPS technologies. This will be the first step in establishing an international MPS society.

Application deadline is 20.05.22. For registration and further informations, click here.



Organizational and administrative matters


Thomas Hartung, Johns Hopkins University
Suzanne Fitzpatrick, US FDA
Don Ingber, Wyss Institute, Harvard

Event organizer

MPS World Summit is a collaboration of many stakeholders.


30. May - 3. June 2022


New Orleans, USA & online


New Orleans-Flyer
Link to Call for Abstract


To get in touch click here.

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