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ReThink 3R – FOLLOW UP workshop

(currently only online)

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Content of the workshop in short:

  • Solution-based, innovative and interdisciplinary teamwork to refine and optimize prototypes using Design Thinking methods
  • Introduction on State-of-the-art tools for the development of business models using Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and System Thinking
  • A mix of theoretical input & interactive teamwork to elaborate entrepre-neurial thinking and corporate action

Process and methodology

Design Thinking is a creative process to stimulate innovation – it combines creative with analytical methods to exploit the intrinsic innovative potential of multi-disciplinary teams. The customer-centric results that have been developed using the Design Thinking method can then be transferred into a strategic management tool called the Business Model Canvas. This tool allows entrepreneurs to quickly and visually communicate their business ideas or concepts. During our previous workshops, we have developed a variety of innovative prototypes that advance the 3R principle (Replace, Reduce, Refine animal experiments) in research.

Here, we aim to bring these prototypes to a new level – implementation! Within the workshop, we will bring together former participants and interested scientists with Design Thinking experience to refine the prototypes and develop business models that can sustainably promote the implementation of 3R-related solutions.