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Fundamentals of Responsible Research (FoRR)

Understanding the basic concept and principles on how to conduct a well- founded good scientific preclinical thesis.

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This course aims to acquire fundamentals in good scientific practice with the focus on biomedical research and gain modern research competencies from your research idea and research question to a good scientific paper. In addition to content- related topics, you will learn everything about formal requirements, getting practical tips and get to know problem-solving strategies. The course contains of 3 modules:

  1. Before you start your thesis
  2. Before you collect your data
  3. Before you write up your thesis

Workload: 2.5 ECTS-CP

Process and Methodology

This is a blended-learning course with a few face-to-face sessions. You will work at your own pace and discuss any questions that arise in one of the face-to-face tutorials. In addition to the teaching material, you will receive extensive additional literature, links and course offers to delve into topics of interest.

Programme Details

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Fundamentals of Responsible Research