Charité 3<sup>R</sup>: gefüllter Hörsaal an der Charité Berlin


Charité 3R aims to raise awareness of the "Replace, Reduce, Refine" principle and to disseminate the knowledge required for its implementation. For this reason, Charité 3R offers – often in cooperation with other institutions – events for

  • doctoral students as part of the range of doctoral courses
  • animal experimenters with an obligation to continuing education in the field of laboratory animal science and animal welfare

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Doctoral Students

On this page, doctoral students will find a variety of courses that deal with different aspects of the 3R principle. All courses are part of the doctorate accompanying course programm and valid for obtaining the required ECTS credit points.

Animal Experimenters

In cooperation with the Research Facilities for Experimental Medicine (Forschungseinrichtungen für Experimentelle Medizin, FEM), Charité 3R offers an advanced training for scientists working with animals. In participating, animal experimenters can meet their obligation of permanent education on a regular basis.

Charité 3R Toolbox

Animal welfare and research quality are highly relevant to you? You want to put your ideas and good intentions into practice? The Charité 3R Toolbox helps you to do so and makes it easier for you to find high-quality information sources. It contains carefully selected links to information and tools from renowned 3R institutions from all over the world.