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mehrere Personen sitzen um einen Tisch und halten ein Meeting ab; Copyright Charité 3R; Foto: von Wardenburg


Coordination of the center’s three pillars is the purview of the Charité 3R Office

  • Research
  • Education and Support
  • Public Relations

The Charité 3R Office is responsible for organizational and administrative matters pertaining to the implementation of the research center’s strategies. It is also responsible for the coordination and organization of all Berlin-based interinstitutional collaborations and other national and international initiatives.

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Dr. Ida Retter

Senior office manager

Dr. Ida Retter, Fotorechte bei der Charité, Fotograf T. Rafalzyk
Dr. Julia Biederlack

Coordination Communication and Public Relations

Dr. Julia Biederlack, Fotorechte bei der Charité, Fotograf T. Rafalzyk
Dr. Laura Behm

Coordination Research

Laura Behm, Copyright Laura Behm
Dr. Lisa Grohmann

Coordination Education and Support

Dr. Lisa Grohmann, Photo rights at the Charité, T. Rafalzyk
Dr. Karin Schmelz

Coordination OrganoStrat

Karin Schmelz, Copyright Karin Schmelz