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Charité 3R-Team Meeting, Copyright bei Charité 2019, Foto: von Wardenburg

Coordination of the center’s three pillars is the purview of the Charité 3R Office

  • Research
  • Education and Support
  • Public Relations

The Charité 3R Office is responsible for organizational and administrative matters pertaining to the implementation of the research center’s strategies. It is also responsible for the coordination and organization of all Berlin-based interinstitutional collaborations and other national and international initiatives.

Members of the Charité 3R Office Team


Senior office manager

Zweifarbiger Schattenriss eines Frauenkopfes; grau auf hellgrau.
Dr. Julia Biederlack

Coordination Communication and Public Relations

Dr. Julia Biederlack, Fotorechte bei der Charité, Fotograf T. Rafalzyk
Dr. Laura Behm

Coordination Research

Laura Behm, Copyright Laura Behm
Dr. Lisa Grohmann

Coordination Education and Support

Dr. Lisa Grohmann, Photo rights at the Charité, T. Rafalzyk
Dr. Karin Schmelz

Coordination research: Primary Tissue Pipeline

Karin Schmelz, Copyright Karin Schmelz
Anke Schwarzhoff M.A.

Team Assistant Charité 3R and EC3R

Anke Schwarzhoff

Council of Spokespersons

Charité 3R: jemand macht sich Notizen während einer Gesprächsrunde

The Charité 3R Council of Spokespersons comprises six members. It is elected from the ranks of the approx. 150 Charité 3R members for a term of office of 3 years.

The Council of Spokespersons works with its members to develop initiatives and strategies that will ensure the consistent implementation and further development of the 3Rs at Charité.

The Council of Spokespersons is responsible for coordinating the conceptual and structural development of Charité 3R, and is actively committed to promoting and enhancing the network of participating research groups from across the area.


Members of the Speakers' Council

Prof. Dr. Stefan Hippenstiel

Spokesperson for Charité 3R

Prof. Dr. Andreas Thiel

Deputy Spokesperson for Charité 3R

Prof. Dr. Andreas Meisel

Director of the Center for Stroke Research Berlin

Dr. med. vet. André Dülsner

Chairman of the Animal Welfare Committee

Prof. Dr. Philipp Boehm-Sturm

Scientific Director Charité Core Facility "7T experimental MRIs"

Advisory Boards

jemand notiert sich etwas auf einem Block; Coopyright Charité 3R; Foto: von Wardenburg

Charité 3R is supported by the Scientific Advisory Board and the Berlin Advisory Board. Both boards are strategically consulting Charité 3R and contribute to the development of their middle- and long-term objectives. The Berlin Advisory Board specifically supports the implementation of a Berlin-wide network of 3R activities.



Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Arti Ahluwalia

Head of Centro 3R,
University of Pisa, Italy

Portraitfoto von Arti Ahluwalia; Copyright Ahluwalia
Tom Bengtsen

Head of Secretariat,
Danish 3R-Center

Dr. Tom Bengtsen
Dr. Paulin Jirkof

University of Zurich,
3R coordinator UZH

Dr. Paulin Jirkow
Prof. Dr. Peter Kunzmann

Institute for Animal Hygiene,
Animal Welfare and Farm Animal Behaviour,
The University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation

Prof. Dr. Peter Kunzmann
Prof. Dr. Werner Müller

Emeritus Bill Ford Chair University of Manchester, Project manager in the research and development department of MiltenyiBiotec, Germany

Dr. Werner Müller

Berlin Advisory Board

Stefan Oelrich

Board of Management of Bayer AG, President of Division Pharmaceuticals

Stefan-Oerlrich. (Foto: Bayer AG)
Prof. Dr. Christa Thöne-Reineke

Freie Universität Berlin,
Institute of Animal Welfare,
Animal Behavior and Laboratory Animal Science

Prof. Dr. Christa Thöne-Reineke (Foto: Privat)
Prof. Dr. Gilbert Schönfelder

Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology,
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin; German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R)

Prof. Dr. Gilbert Schönfelder (Foto: BfR)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Sommer

Scientific Director of Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

Prof. Thomas Sommer (Foto: D. Ausserhofer/MDC)
Prof. Dr. Roland Lauster

Technische Universität Berlin, Speaker of „The Simulated Human“ Research Center

Prof. Dr. Roland Lauster (Foto: TU Berlin)


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