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jemand macht Notizen während in einer Gesprächsrunde; Copyright Charité 3R; Foto: von Wardenburg

Council of Spokespersons

The Charité 3R Council of Spokespersons comprises six members.

The Council of Spokespersons works with its members to develop initiatives and strategies that will ensure the consistent implementation and further development of the 3Rs at Charité.

The Council of Spokespersons is responsible for coordinating the conceptual and structural development of Charité 3R, and is actively committed to promoting and enhancing the network of participating research groups from across the area.

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Hippenstiel

Spokesperson for Charité 3R

Prof. Dr. Andreas Thiel

Deputy Spokesperson for Charité 3R

Prof. Dr. Andreas Meisel

Director of the Center for Stroke Research Berlin

Dr. med. vet. André Dülsner

Chairman of the Animal Welfare Committee