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Our vision – Charité 3R

Animals remain an integral part of biomedical research. While they continue to prove indispensable models of human disease in many different areas of research, we will remain firmly committed to maximizing animal welfare, and to developing and promoting alternatives to animal research.

Both of these are imperative and form the central tenets of our vision. We want to make a tangible contribution. We want to develop efficient animal models with reduced reliance on animal use while simultaneously driving the development of alternative approaches.



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Our aims

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The overarching aim of Charité 3R is to improve biomedical research. We want the best available treatments for our patients. This is why Charité 3R is promoting the development and implementation of new technologies, which can deliver results with improved validity and relevance for humans as well as hasten progress in the development of innovative medical options.

However, Charité 3R is also focused on the animals used in research. Wherever animals continue to play an indispensable role, we want to minimize their distress and suffering. This is why we are also promoting animal research aimed at optimizing the welfare and treatment of animals.

Our measures

Charité 3R is built on three pillars: research, education and support, and public relations.

Our ‘research pillar’ provides targeted funding both for the development of alternatives to animal research and for measures aimed at improving the welfare and treatment of animals used in research and testing. Our ‘education and support pillar’ aims to support researchers with in-depth training in the principles of the 3Rs, providing scientists with the knowledge for choosing the models with the greatest promise of addressing particular research questions. In order to maximize both the generalizability and clinical benefit of translational research, funding is allocated to models with the greatest promise of addressing particular research questions. Our ‘public relations pillar’ pursues efforts aimed at engaging funding bodies, policy-makers, scientific/research institutions, and the general public. The aim is to initiate a wide debate on the issues of animal research and its alternatives.  

Charité 3R works closely with the biomedical departments and units of the three Berlin universities and non-university-based research institutions. The state government of Berlin (Senate) is providing support to Charité 3R as part of its higher education contract with Charité. Funding has been allocated for five years, starting at € 1.2 million per annum, gradually rising to € 2 million per annum by 2022.