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TRAINING: Preclinical Systematic Review & Meta Analysis

CAMARADES Berlin is offering a regular hands-on workshop for students and researchers as well as bespoke courses for your research group.

Next courses

In the "Introduction to Preclinical Systematic Review & Meta Analysis" workshop you will learn the major steps required to undertake a systematic review and meta-analysis of preclinical animal studies. Until further notice, it is an online workshop using a mix of lectures, hands-on practical activities and tutorials.

Please find course details and the link for registration here. The next course is scheduled for December 4th – 6th, 1  5 pm each. Participation in all sessions is mandatory and will be awarded with 0.9 ECTS-CP for PhD/doctoral students.


The Workshop "Protocol Development for Systematic Review of Animal Studies" will cover the contents of a transparent and comprehensive preclinical systematic review protocol. It will cover the rationale behind registering your systematic review protocol and where to register. This workshop is aimed at researchers who already have an understanding of systematic reviews of animal data.

Futher information about the workshop and registration you can find under this link. 


"Critical Appraisal of Animal Studies": the workshop aims to provide hands-on experience in critical appraisal of scientific publications, specifically in the context of animal experiments. Participants will learn how to evaluate study quality, risks of bias, and internal and external validity. You can access the details of the course and the registration link here.

CAMARADES Berlin also offers on-demand workshops on:

  • Systematic review protocol development
  • Systematic literature searching
  • Critical appraisal of animal literature in systematic reviews

To discuss your interests and develop a tailored workshop for your graduate programme, research group, or department, please contact: