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3R Service

On this page, researchers can search for external 3R funding opportunities, browse the Charité 3R Toolbox, get an idea of the Primary Tissue Pipeline service or find out about the wide range of services offered by the CAMARADES and EPIC technology infrastructures. Animal care professionals will find exciting information in Tech3R's newsletter.

External 3R research funding

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External 3R research funding

On the following pages, researchers will find information on selected German and international funding programs in the 3R field. In addition, Charité 3R is happy to advise and support Charité scientists in the application process.

Charité 3R Toolbox

Animal welfare and research quality are highly relevant to you? You want to put your ideas and good intentions into practice? The Charité 3R Toolbox helps you to do so and makes it easier for you to find high-quality information sources. It contains carefully selected links to information and tools from renowned 3R institutions from all over the world.

3R Supportive Technology Platform

The funding line 3R Supportive Technology Platform supports existing Charité infrastructures to exploit the full 3R potential of their technologies and methodologiesas well asto offer this service to the Charité community. The currently funded projects CAMARADES and EPIC valuably contribute with different approaches to the implementation of the 3Rs in preclinical research. Take advantage of this service offer – the platforms look forward to your enquiry!


CAMARADES Berlin provides education on systematic review of animal studies as well as methodological support for researchers to perform robust, high quality reviews – contributing to more ethical animal research, which is more likely to translate to benefit in human patients.


Imaging techniques can depict physiological and pathological processes of the body non-invasively and are therefore key technologies for the implementation of the 3R principles in research. EPIC organizationally bundles various imaging technologies at Charité and MDC under one roof and makes them accessible to all scientists.

Primary Tissue Pipeline

The Primary Tissue Pipeline aims to facilitate the access to primary human tissue and to support researchers at Charité in using primary tissue for research projects. In this way, human-based methods can be strengthened and additionally established at the Charité.

Tech3R Newsletter

The Tech3R newsletter from the UK National Center for 3Rs is specifically for animal care professionals. It regularly informs you about news in the field of 3Rs, with a focus on animal welfare and refinement. Here you will find the newsletter in German, as well as links to the original newsletter in English and to translations of the Swiss 3Rs Center also into French and Italian.